I have been blessed with a very rich life, both in terms of joyful blessings and challenging ones. My message is based on every day human experience that everyone can relate to, not theory or intellectual speculation. My path has been filled with lessons and tools of great value in the field of education, spirituality, healing, parenting, and life in general and by sharing them with you I hope to give you the tools to a freer, more joyful life where wonder and awe have a place of choice along with down to earth practicality. Listen for Blooming in the Light every Thursday at 10 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel.


My skills are in the field of healing, spirituality, teaching, special parenting and art.

I started Transcendental Meditation 43 years ago and under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s guidance became a TM teacher in 1974. 

This has brought me immense benefits, growth, understanding and many surprises!


About 20 years later I discovered that I had an ability to heal others using my hands but I wanted an actual time-proven technique. I was lucky to find Kolaimni, a very complete method that is at the same time very powerful and gentle. I have practiced it for 20 years and have been an instructor for 4 years.

I have also taught in a private school and gave private classes. I am a weaver.

I owned a restaurant, Petit Paris, for 5 years and co-authored the Petit Paris at Home Cookbook Petit Paris at Home Cookbook

I practice Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong and have received the The Rites of the Munay-Ki.


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This program will present the Kolaimni Healing Technique, what it is, what it does, how it works and how and where to learn it.
Kolaimni (pronounced “Ko-lame-nee”) is a unique ancient method of energy healing that is at the same time very gentle and very powerful. It is a healing form based on natural physical law, which makes use of the body’s own vibrations.
People who practice Kolaimni connect with the Universal Light and use it to aid the sick, comfort the broken hearted and strengthen others who are weak and weary.
It allows the practitioner to connect the recipient to the Universal Light to renew the body’s own restorative powers.
Because the Universal Light is the basic component of every living thing in the universe, all of us have access to it. As a consequence all of us can learn Kolaimni and practice it successfully to help ourselves and our loved ones.
It is easy to learn in one weekend.

Kolaimni Healing Technique
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Our guest this week is Charlotte Pritt, an eminent specialist of alternative medicine who has served in public office. She has been involved with Kolaimni for several decades and is a trainer in many other alternative modalities. She will discuss many specific aspects of and what place she believes Kolaimni should have in our society and why.

Kolaimni Healing Technique and Public Health
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In this episode we will experience together two exercises that I have learned from my Kolaimni teacher, Mechi Garza.
The first one is a visualization technique that allows us to perceive the deeper reality of an object, (an orange in this case). The value of this exercise is to broaden and develop a different kind of perception, to train our senses differently so they may grow to give us a truer « vision » of the world around us.
The second one is a breathing exercise that is extremely calming and which can be of great use whenever we might be challenged and are in a situation that does not offer us the privacy we might need to practice a short meditation for example.
These are simple, practical techniques that I invite you to include in your tools for a better Life.

The value of Visualization, meditation and breathing exercice
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In this episode your host Marie-Helene Tourenne and Kolaimni developer Mechi Garza will share three techniques from the Kolaimni teachings that can be taught on the air. Mechi Garza is now 92 years old and lives in West Virginia, From there she will be on the air to share her wisdom with our listeners. It is a great honour and privilege to be able to help her spread this amazing healing technique. Kolaimni (pronounced “Ko-lame-nee”) is an ancient method of energy healing. It uses the Universal Light to stimulate the body’s own energy fields so that it will spontaneously start healing itself. People who practice Kolaimni use the Light to aid the sick, comfort the broken hearted and strengthen others who are weak and weary. It allows the practitioner to connect the recipient to the Universal Light to renew the body’s restorative powers”.

Kolaimni Techniques with Mechi, Founder of Kolaimni
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In this last episode of Blooming in the Light, Mechi Garza, developer of Kolaimni, Leslie Hollis and your host Marie-Hélène Tourenne, both Kolaimni instructors, will discuss the proper steps used when training a student to practice Kolaimni.

Learning to work with the Light
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